Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden


Snaps – a small glass of spirits made of vodka mixed with herbs and spices.

They’re typically served in tall long-stemmed 60ml glasses and common at Christmas and Midsummer, as well as summer crayfish parties. Snaps go well with salty foods and a beer.

I went to Lion Bar, a chain of cheap beer bars in Stockholm, and had a snap called O.P. Anderson Aquavit in a 40ml shot glass. I also tried a pint of Spendrups which is a common Swedish beer.

Remember to raise your glass and say “Skål!”

O.P. Anderson Aquavit and a pint of Spendrups

The snaps had a burning sensation on my lips and a spicy hit to it. The beer was cool and washed the snaps down nicely.


This food is fermented herring, tastes sour and is often referred to as the “smelliest food in the world”.

The smell was overpowering, like rotting fish and it had a slimy texture. It was available in large tins in supermarkets and I also saw it served in a restaurant on tunnbröd (Sweden’s version of flat bread) with sour cream and dill.

Surströmming found in a supermarket

It’s traditionally found at Midsummer celebrations held at the end of June. I recommend only those with a strong stomach try this one.