China and Hong Kong

China and Hong Kong



China’s national drink is Baijiu. Often called Shaojiu, it is a very strong clear alcohol distilled from fermented sorghum.

Baiju China
The baiju we tried

While in Hong Kong my travelling companion Tatsuya said we had to try it. As an alcohol fan I was up for it but I insisted he tried it first. I’m glad I did as shown in the video below…

It seemed Baijiu was available everywhere. Just ask at a restaurant or bar where alcohol is served. We did get some funny looks when we ordered it. Perhaps it’s not every westerner’s taste.

Hong Kong

Fish Balls in Cheung Chau Island

While in Hong Kong we took a break from Kowloon and took a ferry over from Central to Cheung Chau Island. It’s a chilled out fishing island with amazing seafood. We travelled over on the regular ferry, it took close to an hour but we got some great photos of Hong Kong Island from the water. On the way back we rode the fast ferry which took 20 minutes.

Cheung Chau Island is famous for its fish balls.

They had three types – plain, spicy and curry.

Plain and curry fish balls Hong Kong
Plain and curry fish balls

I got the crab for lunch, any seafood fans should check out this island.

Fried crab in Cheung Po Tsai Style in Hong Kong
Fried crab in Cheung Po Tsai Style

3D Cat Coffee

Having seen this pop up on Instagram I knew I had to find this. Cats and coffee are my two favourite things.

Allegretto Viva Espresso Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui makes them. It was only 50HKD, which I didn’t think was bad for the awesomeness of this coffee. They informed me it would take 30 minutes to make so I took a comfortable seat and waited. And waited. After 40 minutes the buzzer rang and I went and collected my coffee. I was not disappointed.

3D cat coffee Hong Kong
3D cat coffee from different angles

Any cat or coffee lover must try this. It’s a work of art and almost too good to drink.

Sweet Potato Ice cream and Oreo

This unusual combination (only available in Hong Kong) plus the fact it’s purple meant it was a must try!

Over 60 McDonald’s in Hong Kong now have a separate kiosk to buy this odd combination of ice cream.

There are 4 options:
Sweet Potato & Vanilla Cone
Sweet Potato & Vanilla Sundae
Sweet Potato & Vanilla Double Sundae
Sweet Potato & Vanilla McFlurry® with Meringue Buds

What’s more, these variations come with Oreo. The line to buy one of these was very long as they are so popular. I went for the Sweet Potato & Vanilla McFlurry with Oreo. It was the standard McFlurry with big chunks of Oreo mixed in.

Sweet potato McFlurry Hong Kong
Sweet potato McFlurry

My first reaction was – this tastes really really of sweet potato. You have to be a sweet potato lover to enjoy this dessert.

I’m glad I tried it. I like sweet potato but I prefer standard vanilla McFlurry.

French Toast

Hong Kong has its own style of French toast.

This yummy food had layers of peanut butter between sliced of bread and then deep-fried. A large knob of butter melted over the top layer. Anyone who loves peanut butter needs to give this a try. It’ll change how you make French toast.

Hong Kong style French Toast
Hong Kong style French Toast

It’s served at most Cha Chaan Teng (Hong Kong style café). We also ordered some chicken feet to nibble on.

French toast and chicken feet in Hong Kong
French toast and chicken feet