Hi, my name is Fran

I’m from the UK and have travelled to 53 countries. If I keep up the pace I’ll hit 60 countries by 30 years old (fingers crossed!).

After spending ages on Instagram looking at all the cool things people did I decided I wanted to do the same and found it to be really easy – from camping in the Sahara desert, train surfing in Moscow, climbing the Haiku stairs in Hawaii to eating live octopus in Seoul.

So I’ve made this website to help people, especially solo travellers, fulfil their travel bucket list.

My background – I graduated from Imperial College London with a 2:1 in Physics in 2010. I went on to do a Masters in Shock Physics at Imperial. I kept asking my supervisor for the opportunity to go away for my project. He said ok, where would I like to go? Naturally I replied “California”. So I went to San Diego and that was where I caught the travel bug. I haven’t stopped since.

While in San Diego I took long weekend trips to all over the West Coast, Colorado, Las Vegas and down to Mexico. I spent time hanging out in Hollywood and downtown LA.

Since then I’ve had a series of jobs, including working for a political Think Tank, researching nuclear submarines for Rolls-Royce and leading workflow operations at Amazon.

I’m a huge fan of budget airlines and paying over £25 for a flight in Europe horrifies me. I like to stay in hostels, not just to save money but also to meet other people.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and seeing my photos.